December 23rd, 2019

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It’s Friday, just before Christmas, December 19th, 2019. I’m going to work, and the mighty Google reminds me again (?) of “How did you like the Dancing House?”… How many times have I been getting rid of these scary “services”? Where else is my data? BI is simply ubiquitous.

Today, however, is a special day, the front of the entrance at Rašínovo nábřeží 2000, Prague 2, where Reflex Capital is based, is piety. Bouquet of flowers, a row of candles reaching up to the sidewalk. It’s been 8 years, on December 18th, 2011, when Václav Havel died. People have been remembering the personality of the dissent, the revolution, and also the last Czechoslovak and first Czech president. He lived and worked at this address. It was here where people gathered, discussed ideas, believed and acted.

I go to the first floor, I go to work as usual – that is, to Reflex Capital – to the office where he worked, and where we work today. I sit down at my table and look at a large original photo of Václav Havel for a while. He is sitting at his desk, looking up to the Vltava River and Hradčany Castle and is immersed in thought. I also see the same view from the window and enjoy a view, that will never grow old.

This place is magical and maybe that’s why Reflex Capital is what it is! Today I am enchanted by the atmosphere and the genius loci, although I know everything is about people. Sorry Ondrej 😊, you are a founder of Reflex Capital, you are a founder, just like those young enthusiasts that we back, founders with determination, with ideas that can move the world, and Reflex Capital is the one that gives them wings, support and trust. We look closely at who they are and whether they make a dent. It’s not just about capital, about controlling large sums of money and calculations. It is about discussing, helping, listening, motivating, and about assertive kick-in-the-butt, if and when it is needed. That is why I appreciate being a member of the Power Team and having the opportunity to be here, when something is happening, when a young founder really needs you and gives you confidence and trust. This is where Reflex Capital differs from many other venture capital funds. In addition to analysing numbers, business budgets, tables, all kinds of multiples and returns, there is always the human side, trust and belief. Belief in people, in characters, that these are the new founders, who will drive this world. Just as Václav Havel was a person who made history. That is why there never is and never will be the “foul mood”.

I wish all members of our team and all founders, nesting under the wings of Reflex Capital, a Merry Christmas and only the best in the new year 2020!

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