How NOT to Spend Marketing $

July 31st, 2018

Reflex CapitalBlogHow NOT to Spend Marketing $

One of frequent worries of almost all founders is, how to spend marketing bucks. Where are those proven channels and methods, that will get them the customers and revenues?

And I always tell them: Do a thorough checkup of what you have now, what works, and scratch those that do not bring measurable results in the first place.

Let’s start with Google Analytics and sort the visitors sources by number of conversions and analyze them, one by one. Are your AdWords campaigns optimized for value for money? What about the blog you are writing, is it really bringing you the converting customers or is it just an ego-play? Do you really need to visit those 10 conferences in a year? What is your value proposition and how it ranks amongst your competitors? Why are your leaflets on the gloss paper – is that necessary for conversions? And do you need printed leaflets at all? Those are hard questions I ask, and quite often we find lots of money that can be invested elsewhere.

Sometimes it is really just the right question, that was not asked by anyone for some time, that makes a lot of difference.

Marketing is a living thing, it cannot be “set up” and left for good. Especially in the online world it is necessary to analyze, optimize and look for new ways almost constantly. At the same time, marketing also has its own rules and someone with wealth of experience can help you avoid death alleys. We at Reflex do it for free, but it is well worth even paying for if you don’t have the resources yourself.

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