January Founders’ Dinner

January 30th, 2020

Reflex CapitalBlogJanuary Founders’ Dinner

We welcomed 2020 with a gathering of Reflex partners and founders of our portfolio companies. The goal was to trade experiences in informal setting with great food and get to know each other better.

The main topic for the evening was “Never Give Up”, which was introduced powerfully by Vit Horky from Brand Embassy. Vitek shared with us his fresh experience with selling his company and was not afraid to openly talk about radical steps they had to take shortly before the exit, to get the company back on track. He confirmed, that no matter how low you feel right now, if there is a chance of success, you have to keep fighting!

After the initial introductions of each company, accompanied by spot-on remarks by Ondrej Fryc, we took the opportunity to network with delicious burgers in our hands. It turned out it does not matter whether you produce clothes, build e-commerce platforms or analyze big data from satellites. Every company passes thru similar stages and solves similar issues. Having someone, who’s been thru it already, to talk to, can be invaluable.

It’s been interesting to watch the generational gap between some of our founders. The debate between gentlemen from Woodplatic and Apify “boys” provided laughs for the entire table. They are from widely different worlds, live in their respective bubbles, but still managed to enrich each other. Suddenly, new synergies appeared, which would be difficult to spot from behind the keyboard. “How come we don’t sell SENS protein bars in our Bushman stores yet? Let’s do that now!” This is but one of the ideas for cooperation born that night. And it was awesome!

The laid back atmosphere is visible in the photos. Thanks to everyone who made it and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

The dinner took place in DISH bistro in Belgicka street in Prague.
Marek Liška (Reflex Capital)
Vítek Horký (Brand Embassy) a Jindřich Melichar (Bushman)
Vu Hoang Anh (Avocode)
Jerry Javornický (Spaceknow)
Klára Matasová a Michal Táborský (Reflex Capital)
Jindřich Melichar a Petr Hulec (Bushman)
Petr Svoboda (Shopsys)
Ondřej Fryc (Reflex Capital)
Radek Hušek (Sens Food)
Vítek Horký (Brand Embassy) a Jan Řeřicha (Spaceknow)
Jindřich Melichar (Bushman)
Jakub Balada (Apify) a Petr Jánošík (Smartlook)
Alex Ilyash (Davinci)
Petr Svoboda (Shopsys) a Marek Liška (Reflex Capital)
Jiří Fabián (TopMonks), Klára Matasová a Josef Chvojka (Reflex Capital)
Vladimír Šandera (Smartsupp) a Jakub Balada (Apify)
Miroslav Vodenka a Zdeněk Hoštička (Woodplastic)
Linh Nguyen (Topmonks), Petr Svoboda a Lukáš Havlásek (Shopsys)
Ondřej Fryc (Reflex Capital)

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