Vladimir and Dusan

Vladimir and Dusan launched Smartsupp in 2013. The motivation was to give companies a tool to offer better and more time-efficient customer care. Consumers today don’t want to wait 3 days for an email reply to their question, nor do they want to endlessly click through a voice machine on the customer helpline. The customer care trend is heading towards messaging, where the consumer receives help right away, or in a matter of hours. 

Smartsupp’s mission is to help companies take customer communication to the next level.

The founders have originally built Smartsupp as a simple live chat, which enables companies to communicate with customers on their website in real-time. Thanks to a great product they became #1 live chat in Central Europe. Smartsupp has the largest market share in terms of installed websites in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

After securing a leading position in the live chat category, Vladimir and Dusan started to work on transforming Smartsupp into a customer messaging platform that combines chat, email and FB Messenger. This way a company has all customer communication in one place.

The next step is the launch of chatbots for customer care automation and personalization. That helps companies to lower the costs of customer support while having faster response times, as repetitive questions are answered by the bot itself. The same technology can also be used to engage visitors and increase sales using personalized automated messages.

“From the beginning, we wanted to build Smartsupp in a way so it can be used by anyone and everyone. Product simplicity and user experience were key. Thanks to this, Smartsupp is used today by more than 60 000 websites worldwide. Our goal is to build the most popular customer messaging platform for webshops and SMBs in Europe.”

Smartsupp: https://www.smartsupp.com/cs/