Max Verteletskyi

Co-founder & CEO Spaceti

Max’s visionary mission is to positively change the world using technology. His entrepreneurial spirit means he’s a fountain of ideas that he breathes life into while helping others realize their talents. Max has spent his life in various corners of the globe and considers himself a global citizen.

He’s also the co-founder and CEO of Spaceti, which provides navigation services in smart buildings. Max built the firm after four years at IBM CEE HQ’s Innovation Lab. The goal of Spaceti is to save people time at work while creating a safer and more productive environment. Max is also one of the few WELL Accredited Professionals in the Czech Republic.

“At the beginning, we concentrated on quick and secure navigation of people in high-rises during emergency situations,” Max said. “Today, we’re improving life inside buildings and increasing occupant wellbeing by saving people time and helping them find their way while providing building administrators and owners a way to cut operational costs by optimizing how a space is used.”