Jiri Fabian

Topmonks founder

Jiri always loved to assemble a functional, committed teams, focusing on fundamental shared values, principles, and the peculiarities of the human psyche. He believes dynamic times demand fluid organizations that are able to quickly react to a constantly changing environment. He’s fascinated by principles of autonomous, decentralized firms and he even founded two such companies after leaving the world of large corporations. He sold the first, JetMinds, to US-based Vendavo.

Jiri’s second firm, TopMonks, is a startup studio that works as a technological partner, earning a stake in the new company in return. The firm enters startups at the very beginning, either during their founding or seed investment. Recently, TopMonks has invested into blockchain technologies, HR, and e-commerce, earning funding for its investments through commercial projects and the sale of its stakes. Currently, it has over 15 functional startups in its portfolio, including stars such as Price f(X) and Techloop.io.