Zdenek and Pavel

Happenee founders

Zdeněk and Pavel are the founders of the next-gen event platform Happenee. The Happenee platform simplifies the management of virtual and hybrid conferences and corporate events. This custom SaaS (Software as a Service) solution allows companies to intuitively create experiences that bring people together. Happenee has taken their collective experience in the world of in-person offline events to address the needs of the growing global virtual market.

The cofounders, Zdeněk and Pavel met in 2012 when they worked together on the first HP Cloud project in Central Europe. Zdeněk was a member of the HP team and Pavel worked at Casablanca. Casablanca provided its name and patronage for the project. Immediately a lasting friendship was formed; resulting in several joint business projects.

Jointly they first created the web & application development studio, SimplyApp. This venture led to Svatba.cz and culminating in 2018 with Happenee. In their own words, they view Happenee as their greatest success. Not only are they offering a current solution so needed by the world but also by the ”firmaculture” they actively shape.

Together the two of them complement one another well. Zdenek is an experienced strategist and marketer and Pavel is an equally skilled developer and engineer. Together, they are creating unforgettable experiences for everyone through Happenee.



LinkedIn – Zdenek: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zhesoun/

LinkedIn – Pavel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pavel-hodinka/