Vu, Martin, Petr

Avocode founders

Avocode was founded by Vu Hoang Anh, Martin Duris, and Petr Brzek in 2014. All three founders are very product oriented people. Vu was a designer, Petr and Martin were initially developers. Before Avocode they have built 13 products for designers and developers (like CSS Hat) which generated more than $1M in revenue. By creating these tools, they were simply trying to speed up their own work.

However, these tools were only solving a small part of the design-to-code workflow, and they wanted to solve this workflow entirely. So they have used the revenue from the previous business to bootstrap their new company.

The result is Avocode as you know it today – one fully-featured platform that helps designers and developers collaborate more efficiently so they can turn designs to websites, apps or digital products faster.

The workflow with Avocode is seamless and automated. Normally the design hand-off process takes one full day in a week. With Avocode it’s all done in a few minutes. Designers just upload a design into Avocode and everything the developer needs for coding is automatically generated.

Today, Avocode is being used by thousands of companies around the world, including teams from companies like Viber, Intel, or Panasonic.