Vit Jezek

Founder & CEO Rekola

In 2013, Vitek and his brother Filip had a crazy dream: every city deserves its own bike-sharing system and every person should have the option of shortening their journey through the city by riding a bike. The dream became a reality in only five years: Rekola Bikesharing’s pink bikes can now be found in 7 Czech cities and serve several thousand people each day.

“Our significant advantage over the competition is our flexibility. We have our own mobile app. We build the bikes ourselves in Prague’s Holešovice district with a team of dedicated people who love Rekola and actively participate in its development. We create services directly from the requests and ideas of our users, which makes quite an impression on them,” Vítek said.

“We try to meet people halfway. We went through our feedback over the winter and tried to figure out how to simplify our service and improve the bikes themselves. The bikes are now equipped with better components and the Rekola app has a new friend: users can now borrow our bikes using the Messenger app. The whole process from the idea that you want to ride a bike to actually borrowing the bike will be significantly accelerated. I love how the product develops and we watch it grow before our eyes. Each year is different and fascinating and urban cycling is starting to become an intrinsic part of cities. The dream we had with my brother is coming true and I’m overjoyed to see it.