Vit Horky

Co-founder & CEO Brand Embassy

Vit Horky is co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, ​​one of the top rated customer care platforms, with customers in more than 30 countries.

Vit always enjoys an unforgettable approach to the customer. Whether he is a smiling barista at Starbucks (he is always on the move), or a timely tweet that draws him back to the company he has almost forgotten. He well knows that customer experience is the key to successful customer care.

Vit got the BSc degree. at the University of Teeside (UK) before graduating from the school.

In his business history, he has already managed to establish a renowned European digital marketing agency (with a successful exit) and a software distribution company (which, unsuccessfully, has finished stylingly).

Vit’s main goal is to “help companies to better care for their customers”. At the same time, he believes that every failure is still the way forward, because it is also possible to learn it.