Veronika Allister

Systers founder

Veronika specialises in biohacking and longevity. At the moment, she focuses only on women and the optimisation of female biology and wellbeing in Systers. Her work consists in selecting the most substantial information from the internet, scientific studies, and other sources, and presenting it to the public in a simplified, understandable, playful, and practical form.

She founded Systers after several years of experience with other projects in this area, and she decided to run an e-shop with only the most functional dietary supplements of the highest quality for women of all ages. These products will go hand in hand with relevant know-how, methods, protocols, and experiments which women can use as a guide to their health.

Interconnecting science, technology, and the wisdom of our ancestors into a simple and elegant form is Veronika’s passion. She lectures on biohacking, technologies, longevity, and scientific wellness in general, not only in the Czech Republic, but also at conferences abroad.