Scott Schreiman

Co-founder & CEO Samepage

Scott Schreiman is the Founder & CEO of Samepage Labs Inc. Samepage is a spinout from Kerio Technologies, Inc. where Mr. Schreiman led Kerio’s global management team most recently as Executive Chairman from his joining in 2005 through Kerio’s sale to Aurea, Inc. in January 2017. Prior to becoming CEO, he was COO and responsible for Kerio’s global business operations and financial management. He joined the company in 2005 as vice president of worldwide operations, managing the areas of business planning, sales operations, customer support, finance and IT.

He brings more than 20 years of senior management experience in sales, business development, marketing, operations, and finance. Prior to joining Kerio Technologies, Mr. Schreiman was vice president and director of knowledge management for Wells Fargo PCS, where he led the roll out of innovative distance learning and communications technologies to the division’s 6,000 employees. He was the co-founder of, a leading film entertainment portal and the CEO of Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.’s U.S. operating subsidiary. Mr. Schreiman holds Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and PPE from Claremont McKenna College.