Petr Svoboda

Shopsys founder

Petr Svoboda has been at the nexus of e-commerce for the last 15 years as the founder and CEO of Shopsys. His extensive experience with the creation and development of e-shops helped his company develop one of the best e-commerce platforms in Central Europe.

Petr always believed in sharing experiences, openness, and friendly relations, both with clients and employees. That’s why he decided to share his experience with developing hundreds of medium-sized and large e-shops in the Shopsys Framework open-source project.

“Shoppers expect an exceptional customer experience – from the loading of the first page to the delivery of the purchase. Quick and individual modifications of the entire process to match current needs and increase effectiveness are extremely important for successful and ambitious e-shops. The ability to constantly innovate technological solutions is becoming a key ability. Most large e-commerce projects face a technology deficit, vendor-lock, or are created out of thin air. That is why it’s time to offer our heretofore experience in the Shopsys Framework and to accelerate the long-term development of B2B a B2C projects.”

Petr absorbs inspiration at conferences around the globe where he speaks as well. His numerous discussions with people in e-commerce inspired him to found the successful magazine EXEC, which focuses on strategic topics for commerce managers.