Petr and Ondra

Smartlook founders

Smartlook was established in 2016 as an initiative of four start-up enthusiasts: Petr Janosik, Dušan Kmeť, Vladimír Šandera and Ondřej Machek. They created the project as a spin-off of an already prospering start-up called Smartsupp. The joint effort has resulted in software, which can improve the understanding of customers on websites or mobile apps significantly.

Software combines recording systems and analytical tools in order to help track visitor’s interactions. Live recordings show the whole virtual journey directly from a customer’s viewpoint. No interaction is left behind – every click, every movement of the mouse is recorded in detail. Recorded sessions are then further analysed. Apart from various graphs and tables, the software is able to synchronise event tracking data. This feature enables visitors to filter specific events. That way, the most critical moments are at your fingertips in minutes instead of lengthy observation of the whole series of sessions which can take many hours.
It was exactly this fusion of qualitative and quantitative analytics which made it possible to create a unique product on the global market. Thanks to Smartlook, it is now much easier to put oneself into a visitor‘s shoes and identify possible problems in the customer journey.
Smartlook is currently used by 55 000+ active users all over the world. More than half billion visitors are analysed every single month. On top of that, GDPR has to be taken into consideration. In the Czech Republic, the software is deployed by major companies like Alza, O2, Dámejí, or Home Credit. New investment to help Smartlook expand into the new markets was issued this year. This funding is specifically aimed at the US market, the most profitable market so far.