Pavel, Petr and Milan

Keboola founders


Pavel’s love for building products started back in 1994 when he was studying in the USA. He is a Czech entrepreneur, who previously helped build a few successful companies. His ventures were always driven by data on a large scale and it has always been a struggle. That’s why he, together with his business partners Petr Šimeček & Milan Veverka, decided to change that and enable everyone to work with data easily. The rest is history, and the future is Data Stack as a Service, which is now known as Keboola.


Milan Veverka is a Co-Founder of Keboola. For more than two decades he has been finding creative data solutions for the toughest business challenges. In his current role as the VP of Alliances, he focuses on building strong relationships with companies sharing Keboola’s mission to empower data teams to do more with less. Milan also acts as a mentor at the University of British Columbia and helps young entrepreneurs to kick start their companies. 


Petr Šimeček is a Co-Founder and Head of Product at Keboola. Currently, he leads the development and product teams on Keboola Connection. He has deep knowledge of Data Analysis, KPI measuring, ETL/ELT, Data Integration, DataMesh and Data modeling techniques. Petr was previously the founder of OpenBrand, a smart data storage and toolkit for designers and creative agencies. Petr lives in Prague with his wife and two daughters.