Ondra and Pavel

Dotidot founders

Ondřej Bartas, today’s CTO of the company, wrote the first lines of code that form the basis of the Dotidot application around 2013. This laid the foundation for today’s version of the application, which is now a comprehensive tool for advanced digital campaign management used in dozens of countries around the world.

An audio-visual engineer by training and profession, Ondrej started programming in primary school and over time his original hobby became his main focus, which he honed at various digital agencies.


Besides programming, he also gained experience with PPC ads at Ataxo agency, where he worked under Josef Šlerka and where he started writing the first automation scripts for simple PPC campaigns. At that time, the idea of creating Dotidot as a tool to eliminate the boring and repetitive human work that was a necessary evil every PPC campaign manager had to go through at that time started to take shape in his head.


He and Pavel Vachek, today’s CEO and majority owner of Dotidot met in 2014 at Blueberry, the agency Pavel co-owned at the time. Since 2015, the official history of Dotidot has been written, when Pavel, Ondra, and the then other partners officially founded the company.


Ondra and Pavel work as a great team and complement each other. Ondra is the technical brain behind the entire application, while Pavel sets the direction and vision for the product and the company. Thanks to their symbiosis and the great team behind them, Dotidot is now an advanced and growing application that saves its users time through automating ad creation, allowing advanced work with data and data sources, or advanced editing of product images. 

Dotidot’s clients include large digital agencies such as Acomware, Dexfinity, or Adexpres, as well as the biggest e-commerce players such as Alza.cz, Mall Group, Heureka, or Notino.

In total, Dotidot has clients in 53 countries, and in 2021, clients spent CZK 1 billion through it.


Linkedin Pavel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pvachek/

LinkedIn Ondra: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ondrejbartas/