Olda a Matyáš

Realfoot founders

Realfoot shoes

We are a shoemaking startup from Prague and Zlín, Czech Republic. We focus on the development and manufacture of unique barefoot shoes with the widest space for toes in the world for 100% natural movement.

Our shoes were developed based on the knowledge and insight of Matyáš Kozma, a leading Czech natural movement instructor, who is the co-founder of the company and the soul of our development. The company is managed by its other co-founder, Oldřich Antoš, a developer, creative soul, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast.

The shoes are handmade by shoemakers in the premises of the former Baťa plant in Zlín, in top quality and in harmony with the Czech shoemaking tradition.

When developing our Realfoot shoes, we aimed to achieve everything our feet need from a shoe!

We spent more than 3 years developing them which was preceded by 3 years of studying feet, exploring their needs, testing dozens of barefoot and non-barefoot shoes and working with people (children, people with special footwear needs, people facing all kinds of foot-related issues).

This resulted in a shoe in which the foot works! Our shoe allows the foot to naturally respond to impulses from the underlying surface while protecting it, activating its natural mechanisms and improving walking on hard surfaces in cities.

All this is possible thanks to the special composition of the sole and the insole, the unique shape that gives the foot space while firmly holding it in areas where the foot needs to be held, and more innovations that other shoes do not offer.

Matyáš Kozma

Realfoot idealist, co-founder, concept creator

“When I put on barefoot shoes for the very first time, something inside of me smiled. They allowed me to start feeling the soles of my feet.

However, the more my feet developed, the more I realized that it was not enough. Natural movement still looked differently. And my smile started to fade.

I decided to study the foot, dreaming about shoes that would allow my feet to keep smiling forever.”

Matyas is a leading Czech natural movement instructor

Oldřich Antoš

chief executive, co-founder, creative soul of the project

“I spent a lot of time knocking on the doors of Czech shoemakers only to hear them send me and our concept straight to the madhouse until, one day, I knocked on the door of a workshop full of amazing open-minded professionals.

That is where we developed shoes that I stand behind with my whole heart. I stand behind the quality of these handmade shoes and their respect for the natural needs of our feet…”

Oldřich is an entrepreneur, a creative mind, a developer and an avid Aikido enthusiast. He creates things that make sense to him…