Mendel and Anna

Wavepaths founders

Mendel Kaelen is the founder and CEO of Wavepaths, a startup providing music both for and as psychedelic therapy. Prior to this, he worked as a PhD and postdoctoral neuroscientist at Imperial College London since 2012, where his research was the first to demonstrate music’s central role in psychedelic therapies. He is a thought leader on the therapeutic use of music and publishes and speaks frequently on this topic. He has been featured in Nature News, San Francisco Chronicles, Vice Motherboard, Rolling Stone and TEDx. Mendel likes to get into nature, and out of his mind with his musical instruments.
Anna Wakefield is the co-founder and CCO of Wavepaths, a startup providing music both for and music as psychedelic therapy. Prior to Wavepaths Anna has held executive positions in the public and non-profit sectors, impact-driven venture capital and startups. She cares deeply about increasing access to effective mental health interventions. Previously, she held the position of CMO of Drug Science and is honoured to continue to support the cause as an independent advisor. Her deep passion for her work derives from her own journeys through trauma informed psychotherapy and psychedelic therapies. In her free time she enjoys yoga and Muay Thai, and has spent months fighter training in Thailand. She received her MA in Literae Humaniores from Oxford University.
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