Martin and Matt

Fitify founders

Martin and Matt first met during their studies at a FIT CTU and later started working on Fitify – a mobile fitness app that encourages millions of people in the world to be active and live a better life through exercise.

Fitify started as a remote student project, with Martin working from US and Matt from Singapore and Netherlands, where they were pursuing their computer science degree. In the beginning, Martin and Matt developed a suite of fitness apps that got instantly loads of organic traffic and positive feedback. This allowed the team to grow and focus on building a complex algorithmic personal trainer, that can do most of what a normal personal trainer would do.

Thanks to a data-driven approach, that is not so common in the field of fitness, the side project has soon become a thriving startup. And despite being a lean team of about ten workers, Fitify was outpacing their well-funded competitors with huge headcounts.

Despite starting as a fitness-only experience, the mission was always about helping people live healthier and happier lives. For a reasonable price, the clients are getting long-term fitness plans and video guidance that is personalized to their body and goal. Over the time Fitify evolved into a holistic platform that centers around a healthy lifestyle, including wellness, nutrition, or habit building

Fitify has achieved millions of active users and millions of dollars in revenues with no external financing. Now with the help of Reflex, Fitify is poised to revolutionize the fitness industry by giving millions of people their own personal trainer.