Digitoo founder

Karin Fuentes

The founder and CEO of Digitoo, is a SAAS that uses its own artificial intelligence to digitize the worst thing in the world, “accounting”, and turn it into a “sweet pie” thanks to simple UX, AI and cutting-edge technology. Welcome to accounting without human manual work.

When Karin Fuentes looks at accounting, she sees an opportunity for change. Digitoo, a software as a service (SAAS), has developed artificial intelligence to simplify the accounting process that many find tedious and difficult. At Digitoo, they believe that accounting can also be enjoyable, and they prove it with their user-friendly interface and advanced technology.

Karin, with a rich background in accounting, realized that many talented professionals were spending too much time on routine tasks such as manual invoicing. Her experience as a chief accountant and the overload of her team with routine processes motivated her to find a solution in the automation of accounting processes, which would eliminate these time-consuming tasks.

This desire for innovation led her to the start-up Rossum, where as chief of AI dataset she contributed to the development and improvement of a neural network for reading invoices. Her work here was instrumental in increasing the reading accuracy of their invoicing bot.

Karin realized that there was a lack of solutions on the market for the digitalization of accounting in small and medium-sized enterprises. With the ambition to change this situation, she founded Digitoo, with the aim of bringing more efficient and automated accounting processes. Digitoo is not just a business; it is her way of improving accounting and freeing up the time and potential of people in the industry.

From a young age, Karin had an interest in numbers and technology and programming, which was reflected in her career. Her experience as a senior accountant in a multinational company prepared her for the challenges of founding Digitoo. Under her leadership, Digitoo developed an AI robot and an AI accountant to help businesses automate accounting processes, and in some cases, allowed up to 75% of invoices to be processed without human intervention.

Digitoo aims to enable accountants to spend more time on strategic and analytical aspects of their work, instead of routine tasks. Karin believes that even small changes in accounting can have a positive impact on efficiency and satisfaction in the work environment.

You can find out more about customer experiences with Digitoo in the attached video