Jindrich Melichar

Bushman founder

Bushman was founded by Jindrich Melichar in 1997 shortly after his return from the US, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, and Australia. Bushman means in the Australian culture of a freethinking man, a loner who lives in a bush. Henry, together with his partners, set out to produce leisure clothes and, above all, to build his own shops. The first one opened in Lazarská Street in Prague and another was added. “It was not the intention to hide behind the English name, but it definitely helped us at first. In the 1990s, people were very skeptical about their home brands, so the English brand certainly played a positive role. But today it is not, and we are still trying to keep in mind that we are proud of the Czech brand,” admits Jindrich Melichar.

The Bushman brand is now found in dozens of stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and you can meet employees of national parks and ZOOs all over the world.