Flow founder

I have a degree from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague – Production and Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals, so this environment is close to my heart. We invented our first product while studying, when we were looking for a product to support learning, but we didn’t find any healthy alternative.
Over time, I found that this whole industry is often done poorly, poor quality forms of substances are used, in small quantities, with an emphasis on low cost. So we decided to change that and offer people a quality alternative that they can rely on.

We are a Czech company that helps people in health to cope with the pace of today and achieve their goals. We do this by educating on health and biohacking topics and making science-based dietary supplements for each area.

We address the areas of focus, immunity, longevity, sleep, sports and many other areas.
The core value of our products is quality – quality ingredients (often patented) from suppliers around the world, effective amounts of substances in the products, the highest quality forms of vitamins and minerals.

Flow: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakub-chvosta
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakub-chvosta