Alex Ilyash


Alex Ilyash is the founder and CEO of DAVINCI Travel System, a startup developing an online B2B platform for group hotel bookings. While is number one in the B2C segment, DAVINCI set out to conquer the somewhat lagging B2B segment of group hotel bookings.

Alex has been involved in tourism since high school. He initially started working as a holiday representative and then became a tour sales specialist. Next, he founded his own travel agency and successfully sold it five years later. Following his first exit, he embarked on a journey to Silicon Valley to find inspiration for his next project. All it took was several months of development and the startup DAVINCI came to life. Alex has decided to address the market gap he discovered during his time in the world of tourism, and he is determined to do it on a global scale.

Even today, processing group bookings are done manually. Reservations for more than nine rooms can only be made by contacting the hotel via email, and everything is handled through reservation managers. Needless to say, this process is highly time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. DAVINCI has decided to change the status quo and aims to digitize and automate these reservations. Of all hotel bookings worldwide, group hotel bookings account for about 20 percent.

Alex sees work as his favorite hobby and considers his remarkable sales and product development skills his greatest strengths. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing volleyball and savors the thrill of riding his motorbike.