Petr, Dusan a Vladimir

Smartlook founders

Petr, Dusan, and Vladimir were fascinated by B2B SaaS. They got together and created Smartsupp, the leading corporate chat application on the market. But that wasn’t enough for them, so they launched a new project. While creating their own SaaS product, they realized they needed to see how their customers browse their website’s interface and where they get lost. They could then improve the product according to the customer’s exact needs using data and not by just guessing what users are doing on the website. They launched Smartlook, which solved their problem for them. Smartlook is a solution for qualitative analysis that uses records and tracking of events to provide firms with a deeper understanding of user behavior on their websites or in applications.

Today, 200,000 firms all around the world use Smartlook to help them boost conversion rates, perform debugging, and to develop better apps. The user-friendly product and unique technology for recording user activity allowed Smartlook to win scores of enthusiastic customers on every continent, with its third-largest market in the United States.